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What is the purpose?

Is this a gamified experience simply to exert a spiritual judgement on your performance? That makes no sense does it?

Pretty sure, we’re not created with a fiery pit in mind. I didn’t desire to have my own kids with such a thing in mind. How about you?

I’d like to suggest a different perspective.

If you went back in time 10 minutes but stayed stationary in space where would you be?

Now if you picked a place on earth, say in the seat you are currently sitting in, I’d like you to reconsider. I believe that indicates the rest of us would be here and you wouldn’t. What?

That’s right, if you traveled to ten minutes ago the rest of us would be here in the now, and you’d be in the “then”. Where would that then be?

Think about this. Currently, how fast are you moving? Well you probably feel you are sitting pretty still. Who knows, maybe you are reading this on a subway going 50 mph?Maybe you are in a plane going 540mph?

I think you are going much faster.

Wherever you are, you are on spaceship earth and it’s rotating at about 1,000 miles an hour at the equator. Does that mean you're going much slower if you are near the North Pole? We’ve all seen a record player spin, so it is a puzzler. Faster at the edge, slower near the center of the spin. Do Scandinavians risk dizziness?

It gets more complicated. The Earth is rocketing around the Sun at about 30 kilometers per second or 67,000 miles per hour. So you got that going for you.

Now add that from our perspective the universe is expanding PLUS the Sun is blazing a trail through it at an estimated 450,000 miles per hour.

You are hauling ass my friend. Your ability to sit still is starting to impress me. Considering the forces applied when I romp on my El Camino’s gas pedal, I’d say you are dealing with a lot just holding onto your cup of coffee.

So if you alone went back in time ten minutes, you’d be gasping for air in a very dark and cold outer space, the Earth now long gone from where it was.

Here’s the first conclusion.

The universe you are in is a gigantic mechanized clock.

You are trapped in a clock.

It contains parts and pieces that move only forward, in apparently very predictable complex motions that are incredibly precise.

If we dive into your biology we see similar architectures of machine like cells in complex systems that upon deeper drilling reveal molecules, atoms then quarks with an incredible amount of mystery holding everything apart as it is held together.

Our very existence in the material world and its existence in a larger clockworks universe are quite stupefying.

Yet you feel it all.

As I described it your imagination was able to follow and picture most of it, I bet.

So you have a consciousness which is your greatest gift? Why does it exist and where is it going?

I laugh at the discussion of creation versus Big Bang because in both stories we get to the exact same place… at some point early in the clock’s existence there was one second before. There was a moment before the clock when the clock was not recognizable as a clock.

So why us? Why you? Why the clock? What’s the purpose?

Perhaps the purpose is to simply have the first stroke of genius which awareness.

That delivers us to the all famous “I think therefore I AM”. Which puts Descartes before the horse.

Perhaps the purpose beyond that is to recognize, “I experience you so there you are”. That may be true for those around us.

Then further, “ I see the clock which implies a clockmaker”. Because if I can utilize my experience with the clock my imagination and math skills can reverse engineer it’s path to expansion and see the directional origin. Once the clock hits zero and the universe originates as a point geometry breaks down.

A point isn’t even on a plane necessarily. Oh my head hurts again.

So what is my purpose as a fleshy three dimensional avatar made of cosmic dust in its own short cycle clockworks.

I have reached the conclusion it must be to see the evidence of the clockmaker. To offer the respect of “I see the clock and it is incredible, so I must acknowledge your existence, Oh Grand Clockmaker”.

Some will say that is silly. Others not.

So now I have cleared that hurdle. It gets worse. Now I have no choice but to recognize the other fleshy spirit clocks. Why are THEY here?

Again what is the purpose?

If they are real, and I believe they are. Now I AM forced to acknowledge their experience of their clock.

Well what the hell does that mean? Head scratches again.

In movie making we have editing software. This is an important metaphor. Movie editing software includes something called layers. You’ve, no doubt seen a movie with “green screen” effects. So the green is a physical element that is usually the ultimate base background behind a character. It gets replaced with digital background like scenery or space or even animation. Actors or live action goes on a layer atop that. Maybe graphic elements like laser beam lights on top of that. Then a layer of graphics.

On top of this goes voices as a layer, sound effects another layer and music another.

Think of this as layers and layer of clear glass or acrylic each with their element.

Each of us has this construct to our individual experience of this existence.

On top of that every single person we encounter has their own composite reality,

It gets worse. All of our composites get intertwined and layer over each other’s. One massive continuous global cinema eventually connects every single persons reality.

We are all living in our own reality shuffled together like a massive deck of cards of realities. Everyone truly is the center of their own experience of the universe.

So when the question arises are there multiple universes. Yes. You are in one at this moment. A universe that is connected by experiences and emotions.

Think of all the villains and heroes in the world today, historically and even in your own life. You.

Every villain was somebody’s beloved infant, no?

Every hero an enemy of someone else?

The characterization of our identity shift from individual to individual.

About 15 years ago, I pulled up to a barista drive through in Everett Washington and was handed a cappuccino by a young lady. 12 hours later I was at dinner twenty five miles away in Seattle and was handed a bourbon in a high end restaurant by the same person.

I looked at her and said “God’s running out of extras”. She laughed and replied deftly, “We have speaking roles, we’re not extras, we’re day players”. To clue you in extras don’t speak and might cost $100 a day. Speak and you are in the Union and your wage goes way up typically.

So here we are, Day Players in a giant forward moving movie with overlapping realities for each, all intertwined.

I surmise since we all possess hero to villain capacities based on who you ask.

It is all so incredibly purposeful our minds can’t contain or calculate what is happening. So here is my bet.

We all live exactly as long as required to both give and take influence. To play all of these roles, some we love some we hate. We can’t fully understand someone’s pain, suffering or joy to no greater extent than we can be understood. It is implied there that the more profoundly we can understand the more understood we can become.

All the evil acts, attitudes and experiences we meet from others are a form of graceful lessons. All of the kindness, empathy, triumph and love another gift.

There are bright people that live feed off our energy and suck it up. They are making themselves mortal gods. They are hugely valuable because they serve as a warning to what we will experience in the afterlife. They are lights that lead us…often away from the Clockmaker.

Consider this.

This entire experience is not a place for judgement but instead for spiritual maturation.

After all when we inevitably die, we should probably be in a mad rush to be at one with the GREAT I AM. In the vast strange landscape of a new dimension we have not experienced we will no doubt run into these other beings. Ones that have gone before us that we’ve never met.

When we are in that place rushing home, all these lessons will make sense. We’ll stop and help the children and the weak. We’ll disdain the haughty and self righteous that are collecting and feeding their own light from the energy of others.

The GREAT I AM is easy to forgive your sins because he has such an intolerance for it, when you were sinning he wasn’t there, he left so you could shoot yourself up. No great parent one wants to watch your self-inflicted wounds be executed.

The purpose is learning from it all. Yes having the empathy for your villain but the discernment to steer clear.

One of the great adages is about “heaven”, it goes, “ You may be surprised who you see there, and who you don’t”. Now I don’t live daily imprinting the threat of heaven or hell. Please don’t read this as a condemnation of anyone.

Quite the contrary it is an inclusion of everyone you meet, particularly the troublesome. You may be “nothing” to them. You may be an enemy. You may be the discard of the narcissist. Yet, you could be the unwitting lesson in grace.

The purpose is to simply live fully, to become aware of the clock and it’s maker, your maker. To accept what is, who is and to nurture love, goodness, kindness fully. To see the attraction and influence of the delicious fruits that take us away from the GREAT I AM.

The purpose is to learn fast here so you choose to make it back home in the waiting arms of your Creator. Either it’s a quick run from the school bus to the house or it’s an endless dark journey across the abyss.

Or not.

You get to pick.

No building. No leader. No offerings. No nonsense.

Just you tuned into the custom station, vision and soundtrack for your version of the experience. This experience was custom built for you.

To respect the villains for they are the warnings we need and the example of how false light can grab our attention and selfishly burn us as their fuel. Recognize those beings are actually no shinier than us, even as others are attracted. The wisdom is to know that their show is short lived and eventually they not only burn out others, their light fades. Eventually they are the most lost of all.

This is an individual experience in the ultimate multi player mode.

Seek wisdom, peace and give great joy and you’ll discover you had them the entire time.

Just one man’s observation.

Now. I need coffee. Have a great existence today.

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Axl Gonzalez
Axl Gonzalez
10 Kas 2022

I like this new post a lot.. is it part of a new book? Pls let me know so I can order the book asap :-)


Axl Gonzalez
Axl Gonzalez
10 Kas 2022

Would you say there is a secret to life, if so, what would you say it is ? 🦧

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