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What's a Tribulation?

What’s a Tribulation? Dusting off the old books and realizing a startling alignment between the great prophetic words and current global events, this short 90-minute read will get you a key framework you may choose to look through as you watch news events unfold. It may tip your attention to things you were not watching at all. The great tribulation is a foretold, 7-year period that includes radical global strife and hardship. It includes the attempt at political reorganization of the world into a one-world government under a single leader who designates rulers beneath him. It is not fully a conspiracy theory, yet it’s a tale that nearly 2/3 of the world buys into already. You do not have to believe in it to be real. This was foretold over 2,600 ago for the first time. Screenwriters as a technique write from a specific visualization technique. After writing over a dozen I understand it, and the preparation. Great films often tell stories out of order. These books were written exactly like this. I’ll attempt to give you an order and framework, then orient you into the timeline as if this story is truly playing out today. You will soon see it is not a stretch. This work is intended to be pragmatic and tie subject matter together that most people are not fully exposed to. In fact, most are expressly discouraged from studying the holy texts and history of all Abrahamic cultures and just accept that they have “enemies”. Making sure the population did not read is a powerful tool. We are living in times that dutifully line up with the texts and could only be seen from this perspective in the current light of technology, political circumstance, and human conditions. There is nothing here to “believe”. Just to see. The result of the period according to the work and all apparent trajectories is an apocalyptic event shared by Islamic and Christian texts. This content is not intended to do anything but to help make sense of all of the vast pieces of information a mind must absorb and integrate daily. I wish you good luck and hope to see you on the adventure we’re all about to take. Thomas Paine penned “Common Sense”, a short book that helped congeal the thinking of the American Revolutionaries.

This short writing is designed to bring similar light to the current global political shifts we are experiencing and help with “sense making’ for the average person who has not been engrossed in any form of theology.

We are experiencing a global war of faith, political ideologies, and economic shifts into a data age.


This content is based on condensing 40 years of study into a very brief overview. It simplifies the complexities. It will no doubt cause argument and aggravation for “experts”. Like the title says, this is not for experts, it’s for people who need a quick explanation of “why” the world around them seems afire. It is not meant to comfort or angst. It is meant to offer perspective and a framework. It is not screaming fire in a theater, yet it is like an “Amber Alert”. Be on the lookout. For those who do not know, the “tribulation” is a defined 7-year period in the Christian Bible that details the years that precede the famed Battle of Armageddon, complete with Anti-Christ, 666, and the Mark of the Beast. It is the hail, fire, and brimstone expectation for the big showdown between Satan and Jesus. The same stories also existing it the Quran. The story is framed in the Hebrew Bible as well. So, is it prophecy or self-fulfilling prophecy? Does it matter if it happens?

Why write this?

Significant events have occurred recently that are deeply in line with this story in mathematical and chronological alignment. It as if we are 6 digits into a 9-number lock and all the predictive information has clicked the first 6 tumblers precisely.

The outcome will affect every human, if it plays out. Most readers will have awareness of the word Apocalypse and relate it perhaps to a coming nuclear war or a Mad Max-like world.

The word Apocalypse means the great unveiling.

What we often do not know is the existence of a very articulate and described storyline in advance of that moment. The three books that drive Abrahamic faiths foretell a co- mingled storyline.

A few will brush this aside with a “know-it-all” attitude. That element of society is actually part of the story itself.

Chapter 1- The Purpose It was after four months of weekly secure calls, with a group of over 50 experts, I finally spoke up and reflected my thoughts. “Here is the situation. You are all each in a vehicle racing down a road. A road to Rome. What you do not see is that each of you are racing down a different road thinking you are on the same one. There are many of these roads converging in Rome like the spokes of a wheel. Please, let’s all step out of our cars for a moment and get an aerial view of the impending collision of these cars crashing in the center. We will not stop the collision. Each car is full of a subculture. All we can do is plan for the accident and the triage. We must plan for the other side.” My role was to identify the “story” of prophecy to the daily news out of curiosity for the team. Something they call “sense-making.”

The call was with a National Task Force of experts dealing with the rash of issues in the US in the spring of 2020: Covid-19, the death of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter protests, police deaths, a crippling escalation of national debt, social distancing plus masking, the near complete shutdown of the economy, a radically swinging stock market, and the disaster on the horizon with most contentious Presidential election in history.

If 2020 was a song it would surely be AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”. How do we stop this ride? How do we gain any perspective?

Consider the countries of the world and how they are governed and interact across borders and cultures.

The premise of societies, cultures, and government is firmly split into a variety of camps that strangely ooze and overlap across ideologies, religions, tribes, and ethnicities spilling over borders.

There are democracies, monarchies, and regimes, be they communist, Marxist, socialist, or fascist.

There are a plethora of world religions. Yet, most do not find themselves in control of state governance.

We’ll set aside the Hindu faith in this discourse, for no other reason than it does not pose an immediate threat to global security per se. The regional security is often in peril between Hindu and Muslim national borders and, not discounting the nuclear saber rattling even at the moment, the issue seems to be with the fixtures of the US, Britain, European Nations, China, Russia, Israel, and the Arab Nations. Everyone else seems to be a hapless passenger on the disaster railroad. Three primary Abrahamic religions on one hand, grip the majority of the world’s people. Certainly, there are other faiths, while secular humanism is an ever-growing pool as well.

Yet the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Faith are headed for a long overdue confrontation, it seems. The acknowledgment of this infuriates many, yet despite the emotion the facts are what they are.

No matter what combination of camps you subscribe to, it is clear that the mix of these religions, intertwined with governments, affects us all. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are major driving factors in global governance and in fueling conflict.

This is not to discount the role of officially atheistic China. Although very minor protections for religious freedoms exist, religion is generally stopped, when possible, by the State. You would not want to get caught smuggling religious manuscripts into China. China is even working towards the outright abolition of Catholicism.

It may surprise you that Christianity has exploded in Russia, with over 70% of citizen claiming belief in the Russian Orthodox Church.

Catholic and Protestant churches have sanctioned limitations on growth, and Jehovah’s Witnesses are banned from practicing.

These nations are all key identified players in the story brought out in the prophetic verses of each religion. Amazing, considering civilization’s eventual power was foretold by these faiths’ writings thousands of years before their connection and existence were known.

The discussion of the “Apocalypse” is rich in all three faiths. There are some incredible commonalities that overlap in all, which may be unrecognized by the average western reader. We are not taught religion for the most part in basic social studies in school, although it may be the single most unique driving force in geopolitics.

The Hadith is a holy book inside the Islamic faith that is a collection of notable quotes by the prophet. It includes the story of an Anti-Christ rising in region and ensuing conflicts. It discusses the culminating battle of men in the land around the North of Syria and Aleppo. In this final battle, the armies of the north including Gog and Magog (names attributed to an individual and a tribe, may consider this to mean Russia) and a significant battle occurs. Jesus (the son of Mary) returns and holds the battlefield striking death to the enemy. Muslims that hold ground are blessed and in this version Jesus returns peace and reigns on the Earth for 40 years whilst converting all to Islam.

In the Christian version, a similar scenario plays out complete with an Anti-Christ and eventually in the valley of Megiddo in northern Israel and Syria again the armies of the Earth, this time numbering 200 million assemble and Jesus returns at the moment of battle and shackles Lucifer, the Anti-Christ and his demons landing them in the lake of fire for 1,000 years as he sets up his kingdom on Earth and reigns during that extended window, converting the world to Christianity.

For Jews the story is different yet dovetails in as prior to the coming of the Jewish messiah there is returning of all Jewish people from around the world to a reformed Israel. After World War II and the reformation of Israel this re-assembling of the body of the faithful was something that was generally accomplished with the opening of Russia at the end of the Soviet Union era. There are some key middle parts to the story in the coming pages but yes, this version does have Messiah that rises to authority and could be paralleled by the “Anti-Christ” character of the other stories. There is also a culminating battle in where the people from the land of Gog and Magog descend into Northern Israel and Syria for an epic battle.

Some Americans got a “dose” of faith and teaching as children, and many have lost that memory, vaguely recalling stories of Adam and Eve, even Noah. Rarely do we cross over and read another religion’s text. We are trained that that is the “enemy book.”

That’s what started my interest: if the enemy has a book, I’m reading it! There is nothing more important you could get a refresher on, or a new insight into, at this moment in history. Religion, politics, and economics are the drivers. People don’t act out of principle. They act out of cognitive bias, cognitive dissonance and, in a word, “belief.” It is worth knowing what is believed. It tends to come true.

All this being said, 55% of the humans on earth belong to an Abrahamic faith. They are all currently in a massive conflict that has been foretold clearly in each faith.

Were you aware that each of these future tales intertwine?

Did you know that the “clock” has seemed to start with the reformation of Israel? Would you be interested in finding out ...”What’s Next?”

In just a few pages, you’ll get essentially “An Idiot’s Guide to the Tribulation.” That moniker is not intended to be insulting, yet if in one sitting we can get you caught up to what is actually going on and why, even where it’s headed, I have to make it pretty simple. I will, I promise. We all need an awareness if we are to live it, and survive it.

Herein lies the fine print. The information I share in the following comes from a distinct lifelong interest in the topic that started when I was about 10 years-old. A number of important things happened that year, yet I’ll leave the small ones and move right onto the larger. That should give you absolutely all the reasons you could ever want to discount my “revelations,” pardon the pun. Let’s start with the dreams. There were three.

One happened once, the others recurred at least 50 times each. Every time, I would wake in a cold pool of my own sweat from a hot, feverish body. These came to me more as night terrors, for those familiar with those. My childhood sleep was no party.

The first dream that initiated the experiences was a “falling dream.” Common to most lucid dreamers, of which I am one. The sequence started with the sensation that I was falling over backwards in a seemingly endless fall out of control. I landed relatively softly on my back on a smooth cement surface. It was not only slick, but was covered in about 1 inch of perfectly warm water. I was immersed in complete blackness, like film- developing darkroom blackness. As I sat up, the context of my environment became clearer. This was not dream-like at all. It was more like awakening. For those that have experienced the Matrix films, particularly the first one, you should have a frame of reference. I “was” in this “place,” as far as my senses could fully inform me. In front of me, a laser-like bright white line of a light appeared. Approximately ten feet in height, fifteen feet directly in front of me.

The light widened from line to beam, both blinding and pure white. It caused no retinal discomfort.

to be continued...

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