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Live on a plantation?

When I saw the headline it struck me odd. I was right in front of me the whole time yet I had never seen it before.

The U.S. & U.K. initiate massive air strikes on the Houthi rebels. Sounds like a story out of Star Wars?

What would normally suffice as a newsroom headline struck me as a business page headline. Using this lens the “U.S. & U.K.” together look like they've become a large global merged corporation. Sadly, I have come to believe this is the fact.

Our experiment in self-governance is a failure, an enterprise captured by another group of enterprises.

After all what has the U.S. become?

We are not a country.

We are a corporation.

One that oddly has been captured by the sum of the corporations under its management.

A collection of corporations in banking, mortgages, insurance, pharmaceuticals, weapons, chemicals, food manufacturers, textiles, petroleum, autos, munitions, retailers, communications, media and technology companies.

None of these are “family businesses’ any longer.

We are on a giant formative plantation.

We are a subject to this system.  A collection of SLAVES.

I don’t say that lightly. You are probably a slave, odds are you don’t know it. I am as well.

You will dutifully work on this plantation to barely earn enough to live the lifestyle you can afford then die slightly financially ahead and the State will confiscate your proceeds.

First because they can. Second to functionally demoralize your progeny.

Future generations are being indoctrinated into a belief that significant private property ownership is not only worthless and meaningless, it is a moral failure plus more effort than it is worth.

You were led to believe you have political freedom. After all fighter jets fly over your stadium before the big game when we sing the Star Spangled Banner. You must be free. Go ‘Merica.

During the last five years there were unending examples of freedoms being removed.

Perhaps the most powerful was the freedom of speech. If you said the “wrong thing” on social media, the things that were not government sanctioned you were shut down, intimidated, shamed, and de-platformed. Oddly 100% of the most egregious claims are now becoming evident as true.

The sickness was clearly engineered. The format for the preventative inoculation derived from the lab that created the illness. The system was profitable. Social distancing was as scientific as bloodletting and witch dunking. The shots themselves are proving to be either non-effectual against the strain or worse creating true health injuries to the participants. Masks are dumb because the molecules are molecularly tiny as proportionately like a chain link fence standing against the fog.

These are not my words. They are the recent reflections of those charged with enforcing health standards.

Did you know Fauci in Italian means “Sickle”? Like a harvesting tool for grain. Odd?

Billions were made by the top owners.

Billions upon billions plus years of good life and connection lost by the bottom, slaves.

They were dining at the French Laundry and having cocktail parties in the offices of high government.

You were locked in your house.

Lied to. Gaslighted. Intentionally.

You may think I am dragging you down the rabbit hole of anti- American sentiment.

I’m not. Consider these words more of an intervention. A shoulder shaking wake up call from a deeply patriotic American. The kind that is willing to have his blood spilled for the true freedom, liberty and self guided manifest God granted our forefathers.

The people that govern us are replaceable with better people. Iff you think that sounds radical please know I borrowed it directly from Bobby Kennedy before his assassination. It’s American to think to replace these profiteers. These corporate lawyer henchmen of Corporationville.

You currently do not have that freedom and the last vestiges of it are about to be taken from you. Please wake up.

Why do I say this?

After all is not America the place you can study, work hard and get ahead?


America is now the place where you can sign up to a servitude to a debt for an education so costly with such an insane interest rate you will be an indentured servant for the rest of your life.

A student loan is the path to higher paying wage on the plantation yet it comes with an equal punitive payment plan.

This is just one angle though. Consider how trapped we are from so many directions.

The U.S. has become a corporation that houses thousands of corporations. The taxation and economy of the corporation endeavors to ensure the populace becomes financially trapped in a gamified system that fools the ego into thinking it gets ahead.

I’ve had the good fortune to dabble in friendships with some of the richest people in America. I get to interview and dine with these people, I go to their homes, their offices, their vacation homes.

Here is the number one thing I have learned about the rich.

It is very expensive to be rich.

I don’t mean that facetiously either. To maintain the status of wealth is to be wealthy. You must pick your social identity “musts” to reflect the rarified air you breathe when wealthy. Then you must also produce the tools and the facades for your family. I was recently in Aspen and it struck me as I walked around the sea of fur coats, 6 carat diamond rings and streets lined with Range Rovers that to be wealthy in America you must buy a lot of costumes and objects that show your obvious wealth to competing tribesman.

It becomes comical when you realize 90% of the people you meet on the street in such an environment are not in fact rich at all, they are attached to the family member that earned it and they are simply a social trades satellite that pronounces the wealth of a person who is not at the coffee shop or restaurant, they are back at the office on calls between lattes and ski tracks.

The salient issue here is envy. It drives most of us. We see the fur coat the Tiffany and Co. necklace, the Range Rover and the symbols of wealth and we tell ourselves we want that. We need that. Simply to feel okay about ourselves. The vast majority of our culture asunder these spells of material “Success” symbols.

Go beyond that and recognize that there is no “top” to this cycle. More wealth and status provides a clearer view as to what MORE wealth and status could bring. You need a jet. Once had, you need a bigger jet. After all there is a hierarchy in every sub stack. Always a place to move up to.

I have a friend with a jet. Homes in 6 six countries. Three homes in the United States alone. That is at least eight homes. He has a train car that is painted like an Amtrak on the outside while inside is a lavish rolling command center. He also has a bunker in case of a global conflict. Just somebody’s rich Dad or Grandpa. I’ve been alone with him and asked his greatest fear. His answer? Losing it all. I mentioned to him his age and the likelihood he will die within the next 15 years as a statistic. His reply. “I know. I don’t think about it.It’s terrible isn’t it.”

My answer? “No. In my case I think it’s wonderful. I am going to ascend and learn so much in my first day there. I’ll be reunited with so many I love. Death is an experience I do not fear and am readying myself for, becoming as prepared and useful here so that I may be useful there.”

We shifted back to his possessions and activities.He is in love with his lifestyle and living “just a little bit better” than the people around him. Mind you he’s a very kind, fun and generous person. He believes he has found heaven on earth, if only his hip, his heart and his hamstring would shape up and agree.

Once made aware that this luxurious lifestyle exists for someone else, we want it for ourselves., The incredible psychological pressure we have been preloaded with makes internal mechanisms fly off the handle. “I want THAT”. What a horrifying mentality we have been indoctrinated into. Fortunately I am happy to return to my comparatively plain and humble existence.

The truth is, you don’t want or need that life and the headaches, cost, attention and management it requires. I mean that. The desire to drown in material wealth is a program intentionally laid to make you a hamster on a sociological wheel.

The biggest question many in that situation have is, do the people around me really love me or are they just forced to act like it and are they waiting for me to die so they can have their run with the money.

This oddly is why rich people spoil their children. It’s a conundrum.

Now, back in the design of the common persons’ life.

The massive corporations of the conglomerate known as the U.S. & U.K. are using millions of dollars a day to vilify and attack the Houthi. A group of people most of us were completely unaware of weeks ago. They area tribe in terms of global sociological scale.

The Conglomerate versus the tribe. They aren’t even a country. Yet we will fire rockets, send boats, sacrifice our sons and daughters to put down this tribe of the coastal waters of their own land. To what long term end? Freedom? Worth a look at what freedom means then. Certainly this enterprise we are engaged in is not free. Millions in missiles, billions in boats and planes. War has a tab and who pays the tab?

You and your children and theirs.

That’s how far we are into this game.

Realize. We are currently in World War III, and everyone is too afraid to acknowledge it or address it directly. We are literally more resolved to discuss Taylor Swift’s romance or the Film Awards Season or the daily gaffes of our geriatric political candidates we will not respectfully address the fact we have deadly insanity running through the ether that we can all feel resonate in our souls.

Denial. What a lovely dangerous state.

The budget for the U.S. is radically unbalanced. We build debt every year. We currently can no longer service the best PAYMENT of our debt which is well over 30 trillion dollars.

As a taxpayer, YOUR piece is about $250,000.00. Yes, that is what you owe. It’s what your spouse owes. That is not a household number, you each owe that much as a taxpayer. It’s what your kids will owe when they enter the job market and pay taxes. I have 3 adult kids in the workforce.

We can’t afford the payments. We are bankrupt and we know it.

There is a massive quiet plan to “stabilize” the currency, control the principle of the debt and switch our economy fully to a digital traceable accountability. Yes for you. No not for the plantation.

Understand our currency was once backed by gold.

Then it was backed by debt and petrol. Debt includes your home and car loans. A bank underwrites your mortgage. So you buy a house for 300k, you put a down payment of 30k down, you own 10% of the house the bank owns the rest and you slowly and incrementally buy it back for payments. The bank holds the equity and is now allowed to go lend 9 times the value of that equity in other loans. It’s a legal pyramid.

What is about to change though is what happens AFTER you pay it all off.

I have a family of five. My kids are all adults now, paying taxes. My little family tribe owes the United States Treasury over 1.25 million dollars according to the national debt clock. How does your household plan on paying for yours?

The only people who don’t owe it are people without jobs, those who pay no tax. Mind you many of those who pay no tax are living in the U.S. now, not as citizens as resident aliens collecting money and services from…you.

That is not a slur against anyone. It is an economic reality that the political paradigm has intentionally created. There is an element inside the Corporation of the Untied States, a division of management that seeks to flood these people into the system with the intention of having them “vote” and leverage that weight to dominate the power structure if the country. It is not party specific, as you might be told.

So let’s walk through the finances here and perhaps you will see how you have been conscripted as a slave in the corporation.

First of all odds are you went through the system and as a child you were show there were “Jobs’ you could have, when you grow up or course. Teachers, firefighters, police, doctor, nurse, veterinarian, farmer, pilot, accountant, entertainer, construction worker and more.

Your Fisher Price toys, your Barbie’s and G.I . Joe’s all reflected a myriad of ways you could “Earn a Living” and be of service.

As the rules of the game unfolded you realized there were sociological benefits and financial gains to be made. The movies and T.V. shows enforced this thinking. We discovered being a “Waitress’ is a sad subservient and unrewarding life. Every character we see in this role has been duped, underachieved and generally is female.

Policemen are hard working and poor, the job a psychological strain on marriages and family. Divorces occur, there is anger and alcoholism. The lack of pay can lead to a life of crime as a “bad cop”.

There are a million tropes that train us.

In a culture that is currently screaming about the unfairness of racial and sexual biases we have all submitted to the religion of entertainment that creates the bias.

The easy place to go mentally is where part of the machine wants you to go. Eat the rich. We want to vilify the wealthy in general, that is another trained distraction. I will honestly say some of the finest human beings I know obtained their wealth ethically and are not only decent human beings they are actively serving mankind.

And then yes there are the others. The assigned wealthy that politicked their way into positions of granted “authority”, the “Skull and Bones” types that serve the dark corporate machine interests. The slaveowner’s house team is forward facing and happy to tell you that you will own nothing and be happy.

Of course the only part of that contract they can keep is that you will own nothing. Happiness will always be up to you alone.

Remember, these are the people that are sending palletized billions of dollars to religious Junta governments in Iran. Make a note to yourself that Valerie Jarret and John Kerry have intense family ties in Iran and the preparation for an all out War with Iran has caused Mr. Kerry to resign from his job this week. Yes, a lifetime career politician silently stepping out of the kitchen as the fire grows. “I guess my work here is done.”

Yet ,back to you and your economy.

Fifty-five percent of the dollars you work for at your job are taken through some form of taxation.

If I took 55% of your income would you say you worked for you?

Or you worked for me?

Think about it.

Income Tax

Property Tax

Car Tabs

Sales Tax

Gas Tax

Social Security Tax

Airport Tax

Hotel Tax

Phone Tax

Inheritance Tax

Capital Gains Tax

Utilities Tax

Imbedded tax in the production of good (invisible)

State Income Tax

Agricultural Tax

Now the government collects all of that money from you yet it still runs a substantial deficit and periodically now Congress hits you with emergency spending bills at over a trillion dollars a pop.

The Treasury has just approved a program to initiate a “CBDC”, or a Centralized Bank Digital Currency. This will be a digital dollar and it will be sold quite factually as a product you are technically already using. After all, the bank that holds your savings, provided you have any, is not holding a stack of money in a vault with your name on it. It has a number in a computer file. It’s jus bits and bytes.

The story will be your CBDC will transact faster, safer and no one will steal it from you because it will be blockchain based. Yet the word “Centralized Bank” should make your ears prick up. Centralized means there is a central control mechanism and channel in the middle. The instant fear for most is that this will become a political control mechanism that could be used to turn off your money if you speak ill of the powers that be. The second thought is that everything you do will be tracked and traced which could result in a reduction of your liberties due to potential exposure and shame alone.

Those gummies you bought online.

That naughty outfit.

Your curiosity about any evil that collects in your search history.

Shame. Illegality. Promiscuity. Impropriety.

“I clicked on it by accident”, is no defense in the court of public opinion.

Worse. Consider how simple it would be to turn an AI bot loose on people that were subversive. Just go out and collect all their bad behavior and prosecute.

Due process has let the room.

Private conversation becoming public.

There is a whole trove of conventions that could become problematic.

Yet, there is one more that trips beyond the pale and truly end freedom.

The right to own private property will cease to exist if the state can confiscate your property via suspicion, desire, will or law. Right now the policing forces of the U.S. are routinely taking assets from people under suspicion of crimes. Not people that have warrants, just suspicion.

How much power could a person with political power, clout or even an aggravated bureaucrat exercise when you park in their spot, anger at little league or take a joke the wrong way.

How fragile we are.

I remind you that LEGALLY you OWE your share of the American Debt according to the powers that be. You currently have no say in your own taxation. Your congress has been captured by the folks that fund their re-election for the most part.

The SYSTEM IS CAPTURED. There fore you are just another slave on a brighter plantation.

They’ve lied to you about…


The Assassinations

The Wars

The Attacks

The Debt

The Sicknesses

The Cures

The Weapons

The Interest Rates

The Water

The Side Effects

The Educational System

Trust that you didn’t read the fine print.

Trust that you now know that what you got was not what you thought you signed up for.

Trust that if you think you are filthy rich enough and safe, you are in fact the most primary target.

The system is design to consume you. It’s become Godless.

You must understand if your main plan is to HAVE ENOUGH you have been suckered.

You must BE enough. That is well inside of your reach.

You can be enough.

You just need guidance to discover, like in the Alchemist, “You always had it.”

Many of the things you have been indoctrinated into believing are simply not true.

Many of the truthful things you have either discovered for yourself or come from people that were intentionally attacked and discredited. The truth tellers are dangerous to the status quo.

The systematic response from those who claim to be in authority is GASLIGHTING.

Man’s self created systems of education, governance, economics and social control is inherently flawed and often evil.

That does not mean good people are not trapped in the system trying to fix it from the inside.

Yet physics tells us all we need to know about the directional force and velocity of any thing. This heavy fast moving train has left the station and no amount of track bending will change its destination.

There is a train wreck ahead. No amount of Pollyanna can stop it.

We are closer to the eventuality of the Cuban Missile Crisis than when we were in it.

Here’s the deep rub about CBDC and the link to our banking and Treasury.

How will you sell a home, a car or any asset on a CBDC system? More than a transaction the property in question must have a deed, a title or valid proof of ownership in order to authenticate a transaction. This is the rub.

In every negotiation or contract there is the benefit of being the writer of the contract. You know this from checking the box on terms or service. You have no doubt checked the box many times but how often have you read the terms of service? The person signing up to a someone else’s contract is typically agreeing to things they do not understand or think through. I am as subject to this dubious strategy as anyone.

Yet in every agreement there seems to be an unmentioned implicit eventuality or a slice of “fine print” that bites us.  This is it for the Digitized State currency.

Implicitly you will need to register proof of ownership of your assets to sell them. That may not sound so bad. Realize however that in order to be a financial entity like a family you need to have a decent credit score.

The initiation of CBDC will forever change how that calculation is determined to be more exact and “correct” in the eyes of the banking and credit system. To establish your risk, which is what a credit score is, a relative measure to cash flow, personal equity, debt service and available credit the system will naturally expect you to claim your assets as your net worth.

Yes. You are getting it.

You will be required to register any major asset in your control to establish credit.

Smart people will create irrevocable trusts for their major assets which means they no longer own them, their trust does. They will reserve just enough assets and cashflow claimed in the system to continue to play the game. Now when I say smart people I have to weigh that as well on rich smart people. There is no point in creating a trust for 85% of the population because they currently have very little net worth.

The key point I want you to understand here is here. It involves some simple math.

People with poor credit and low assets pay the highest interest rates, on everything.

Student loans were privatized from Sallie Mae, (Federal Student Loans) to a company created by politicians called Navient. The Navient Corporation weaponized interest rates against people educating themselves into higher paying jobs. It is possible that the loan liability outweighed the salary increase over a lifetime in many cases.

One party screamed, “free them from the tyranny of these loans”.

The other, “Hold them accountable, no free rides”.

Neither party said, “Lower the interest rates to near zero like we do for the corporations and banks”.

Why? Look into the founders and stock holders that started Navient. It’s a cadre of Government officials from the White House through Congress and Wall Street.

You’ll also understand why there is a current effort to pay 600 billion to “pay the loans down”. Where do you suppose that money comes from? You and your descendants via  increasing the national debt. Where will the money go? To the stockholders as Navient is now liquidated and rolled back into the Department of Education.

They are no longer satisfied robbing you. They are robbing your children and your grandchildren. In all the chaos of your daily life you’ll never get to the terms of service or fine print. You’ll never have time to think about what they are doing.

You’re still busy trying to pay that mortgage.

Remember the business world runs on actuary tables. They are in it for the long hall. The human mind lives to survive thus it exists in the short term of fear and instant gratification. You are forced to play a short frantic game. All day. All night. Maybe weekends off if you are lucky. Buy some Budweiser, get some new tires for the Jeep. Pay $600 to go see a live sporting event that is generating 10’s of millions of dollars.

Puppets, the lot of us, huh?

Can you see that the entire system is set up to play you against your fears and your desire for instant gratification and your personal insecurities that drive you to earn more, buy more and do anything to obtain a higher social status to conquer the low self-esteem the system heaps on you?

If you cannot admit to being manipulatable you will be nothing but manipulated.

So let’s math this out.

You enter a system where cars, clothes, residence and food determine your identity.

The system thrusts you into comparison with others that drive inadequacy as you meet people with “more”.

You naturally accept the programming to be more.

More education.

More attention.

More money.

More flash.

More status.

More debt.

In the end you meet the people on top, so filthy rich that tell you they have so much they know “None of that stuff matters”. They believe it. Yet you say “Sure, that’s easy to say in your shoes?”

Yet what happens in the system where you are working your tail off to get the success?


Let’s imagine you buy your first house for $300,000. What do you pay? Well that depends upon your interest rate. The worse off you are and the bad habits of the past cause the highest rates.

Pay all your payments for 30 years and you’ll pay about 1 million dollars in total payments for that house. Then add the car the power and fuels for all. The clothes that match your social status. The restaurants that match your social status.

It matters not if you are $100,000 a year or $300,000. You are likely a slave on a plantation you cannot see. This goes on your whole life.

Say you are the 100k earner and you work for 40 years. You’ve made 4 million dollars and spent 90% of that staying alive. Yet you own that home and the 401k you were able to strap together leaves you with an asset in that house that is maybe worth the 1 million dollars in payments you made.

Yet forty years has gone buy so that dollar doesn’t mean that much. I remember going inside a Rolls Royce dealership when I was 17. A top of the line Rolls was $64,000. That was twice the earnings of an upper middle class wage earner. Today that car is in excess of $300,000. Twice the salary of a middle class wage earner. Right?

So your million dollar house is actually worth about what you paid for it, adjusted for inflation. But you paid for it three times over. You just earned the right to get the payments back now that you are a senior citizen and cannot afford the 40k a year property tax on that million dollar house. Time to sell. If of course, you still want to eat.

Same with all your “possessions”, even the gold you bought thirty years ago. Adjusted for inflation. You did not get ahead. You treaded water, and you know it.

Unfortunately as you look back you realize via interest rates and taxes about 70% of what you did and earned evaporated. You are looking to the future realizing your children will have to pay an inheritance tax and often suffer through probate where a judge decides who gets what and assets are sold of at the lowest market value.

Well you are dead, who cares?

I care because if liberty is to be our true legacy then private property and wealth must be generationally handed down. The rich have trusts and hand it down. In fact they have secrets of how to increase it that are simply mind blowing. Oddly anyone can do what they do because it’s perfectly legal. More on that later.

In the current scenario, you have worked your whole life serving a company, a corporation or a bureaucracy. The majority of your cashflow was taken up by taxes, utilities and painful interest rates.

Your assets will be taxed and worse.

If you are linked fully to a CBDC and do not have an irrevocable trust in place the government will now be able to not only hit your tribe with a inheritance tax they well be able to collect your $250,000.00 in owed national debt. In fact, you could imagine a day soon where your Congressional leaders pass laws requiring your heirs heirs to pay their share of debt at that time if the assets exist to cover their debt.

Imagine this. Your entire life, one hundred percent of your efforts, sweat, sleepless nights and creativity handed to the owners of the self authored owners of the planet. It is reminiscent of George Carlin,’ There’s A Big Club, And You Ain’t In It!”.

If you think that’s far off? Remember today you are coughing up 55% you know about, they are spending more you didn’t agree to and there’s another 250k a piece they openly admit you owe.

That is taxation without representation every way I measure it.

That is we are headed. Your entire life savings and assets instantly scooped u by a state probate judge wiping out every profitable endeavor of your life with the stroke of a pen that authorizes the liquidation of your assets at the time of your death.

But “They’d never do that?”

Oh you mean the people who said that “You’ll own nothing and be happy”.

Yes. Those people are telegraphing that this is exactly what they anticipate.

It’s not that they “will do it”. They are actively doing it. The door on the cage of freedom is creaking shut ever so quietly.

I want to shake you awake.

We are one calamity from full captivity.

You are on a plantation.

The psychological game is to make you want and need more and work harder to out produce your consumption.

The political game is to take as much of it from you while you are alive and the rest when you are dead.

The spiritual game is that your children will see this depletion from an entire life and the grief it caused you and decide to submit to a small life of slavery and give up hope.



Pain relief in any form.

This is the work of the Devil.

His work in this world.

Yet there is another path.

Not of this world.

No fees.

No high interest.

No slavery.

There is a path to taking all of this technology over from the current machine and build a new one.

One where all of your work and assets collect value that is not taken.

A world where you pay a fair price for a reasonable and reliable service.

Where private ownership becomes anonymous ownership.

Where you and your family can bank and insure themselves with like minded individuals.

If you want to know what that world looks like, I will show you in brief detail.

The U.S. Constitution endorses this new way, not the machines way. In fact the current system is breaking the Constitution fully every day.

If you would like a world where your Sovereignty as a Human is restored, your slavery eliminated and your liberty and freedom engaged fully, that can be.

It will take a bunch of us.

Yet a large number of people in righteous agreement will go farther than the tyranny of a few every day.

That is the lesson of history that is causing the powers that be try to control you by dragging you into foreign wars, political distractions, deeper debt and harsher forms of technological and social controls.

It is a plantation.

You are a slave.

Shall we contemplate building the modern digital underground railroad together?

The words of God predict a segment of the population separating from the current rule in these very times as the Euphrates River stops to run. If you have read this far that is probably you.

All of these things are happening in real time in front of our generation.

Many of us who will separate will pay the short term price for the long term reward.

You can be one of the Saints that go marching in..

Consider choosing a life that reflects the rejection of slavery now. I highly recommend it.

If you’d like to hear a more positive spin on the future we will have after this cycle collapses, and IT WILL, consider downloading a copy of Manifesto for a Modern Millennium at the link below.

It may give you hope and discover the Subtle Digital Tools we are creating to give you the privacy you deserve to  hold the property you have earned.

We can beat the system with technology.

You are probably not thinking I am very much fun at parties these days. Perhaps. Yet if I helped you and your children, and your children’s children break out of the Matrix…would you appreciate these words.

There is a narrow path out.

I’m on it.

This way…

Order Manifesto for a Modern Millennium from this author.

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